Energizer Premium AGM

Energizer Premium AGM

The power you need for advanced Start-Stop technology.

The Energizer Premium AGM batteries is the perfect solution for Start-Stop vehicles equipped with regenerative braking and a high number of electrical devices. Premium AGM by Energizer always guarantees best-in-class performance, extremely high cyclic stability and high vibration resistance.
For advanced Start-Stop vehicles with regenerative breaking and additional fuel-saving technologies
100% spill and leak-proof
Stamped Grid Technology
Latest OE technology

Energizer® Premium batteries with AGM technology

In an AGM battery the electrolyte is held firmly inside the absorbent glass mat (AGM) which ensures even acid distribution and prevents stratification. AGM batteries are maintenance-free with no need to refill liquids such as acid or water. They are vibration resistant, spill-proof and can be mounted in any position. An AGM recharges quickly and is significantly more resistant to deep discharge than standard flooded batteries. AGM batteries are more cycle resistant than lead-acid batteries.
Energizer AGM batteries offer convincing technical qualities:
Extended cycle life
High vibration resistance
Spill-proof and maintenance-free
Up to 3x the cycle life of standard batteries
Can withstand challenging climates and demanding conditions

The power you need for advanced Start-Stop technology.

Stamped Grid Technology
Positive plate
Positive plate with fleece separator
Negative grid
Negative plate
Negative plate set
Positive plate set
Plate block
Thicker, more robust case and lid
Plug with pressure safety valves and lid with single point venting


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